Getting ready for a wedding or going out on your first date, whatever the occasion may be, you can’t think of the best look without a makeup mirror. Makeup mirror are different from your classic old mirror as they assist decorating your face with several makeup creams and agents. But have you ever thought about getting the best lighted makeup mirror. If you wish to get one but are confused about which one to select then don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

Some of the best lighted makeup mirror

Conair Double sided Lighted mirror – This mirror falls in the category of multifaceted mirror which helps you look yourself in multiple magnified zoom. This provides you more detailed image of your face to help you point out even the most minor aspects of makeup.

Maker2 Mirror – This makeup mirror rotates fully sideways to let you focus every part of your face. Also, this mirror has 10x zoom that provides you crystal and clear image of your face to let you point out colour variation in makeup.

Travel lighted mirror – The mirror as the name resembles can be taken while on the go. The mirror replaces the old-fashioned button containing mirrors and includes a touchscreen button that can be used to turn on the LEDs for lighting. The plus point is that it can fit inside your purse, wallet and pockets.

Hi Mirror – Hi mirror is a smart mirror that works as your virtual beauty consultant too. This mirror can point out the most sensitive beauty aspects like wrinkles, dark shades and much more. This mirror is quite expensive but with the cutting edge technology, this one deserves to be the part of your dressing room.

Sanheshun 7x magnifying mirror – One of the main features if this mirror is 7x zoom to clear out all the makeup aspects. Also this one can be easily mounted anywhere as it comes with a handy stand.

Our Opinion

We have listed down some of the best lighted makeup mirror that can serve you some extra besides of fulfilling the main purpose. But choice of a mirror depends on personal preference. Therefore, you should purchase mirror depending on your need and taste.


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